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9th SMC Impact Investing Day

October 2024

Why Impact Investing?

Sustainability is an issue that we encounter on a daily basis, and in many areas of our society, sustainable policies and initiatives are being discussed more than ever before as a contemporary solution to a wide range of challenges: Plastic waste, environmental protection, transportation and education are just a few examples. As part of our Impact Investing Days, we are now in our eighth year of presenting companies and entrepreneurs who, in addition to generating a financial return, also make a positive contribution to the sustainable development of our society, be it on an environmental or social level.

The investment spectrum ranges from direct investments, private equity, green bonds and ESG-compliant funds to equities. At the same time, we want to show that ecology and economy are not mutually exclusive and that the stock market and doing good can go hand in hand.


Germany-wide networking

The aim of the event is to bring together public, private and strategic investors with listed companies active in the sustainability sector. The event provides an ideal platform for investors and entrepreneurs to exchange views on current issues, network and discuss new insights and challenges in the sector.

Who will you meet?

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