SMC Investmentbank’s services connect SMEs and the capital market.

Small & Mid Cap Investmentbank AG sees itself as an entrepreneurial bank, i.e. it offers solutions to medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs in connection with their financing and capital market strategies. Corporate financing, equity transactions, corporate succession and employee share ownership are the topics for which SMC Investmentbank develops intelligent strategies and implements them together with the companies. Our services are based on the in-depth expertise of all our employees in structuring and accompanying capital market transactions, as well as on a qualified and robust network of advisors and initiators.

We offer listed and prospective listed companies a full range of capital market and stock exchange services in all stock exchange segments. Our focus also makes us an ideal outsourcing partner for private banks, investment companies and other advisors. It is therefore important for us to develop, maintain and categorise new or alternative placement channels, as well as our own placement vehicles, with the aim of bringing together entrepreneurs looking to invest and entrepreneurs looking for capital.
Together with external partners, SMC Investmentbank offers one-stop services.

The Small & Mid Cap Investment Bank helps

  • Companies and investors in the generation of listed equity and debt capital
  • Companies and other banks in the implementation of capital markets strategies
  • Companies and investors in the banking and securities execution of capital markets transactions
  • Companies and entrepreneurs with succession planning and employee share ownership programmes
  • Companies building and expanding their capital market capabilities

… an excellent symbiosis for the capital market

Our services
“Capital market and stock exchange“

  • Advice on the development of “intelligent” capital market strategies
  • (Cold IPO, dividend in kind, listed shelf company, etc.) and their implementation
  • Implementation of capital measures (capital increases, placements
    and listing of securities incl. IPO)
  • Assistance with the preparation of securities prospectuses in accordance with the German Securities Prospectus Act (WpPG)
  • Assistance with rights issues, segment changes, share splits
  • capital reductions
  • Coordination of share buyback programmes
  • Structuring and advising on mezzanine and debt capital transactions
  • Placement and re-placement of securities
  • Financial commission business
  • Independent “syndicate department” (banking & securities processing of capital market transactions – listings, admission procedures, share buyback programmes, etc.)
  • Assistance in succession planning (employee participation, management, supervisory board, etc.) via the stock exchange
  • Increasing the capital market and creditworthiness of SMEs
  • Holistic consideration of the liability side (incl. factoring, sale and lease back)
  • Subcontractor for other (private) banks (Basel III)
  • Placement and re-placement of mezzanine and debt capital transactions